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Call (703) 732-0470 or (703) 732-0471 to discuss how you would like your quilt top completed.

We require a $15.00 deposit that will be applied toward the total cost of quilting your top.

Recieve a complementary quilt bag which will hold up to a king size quilt when you have a top quilted.

Longarm Services


We provide full services longarm quilting utillizing a Gammill Optimium Longarm Statler Stitcher System.

We will quilt your tops utilizing a variety of stitches which includes a basic meander,

a Pantograph (edge-to-edge) design or a complete custom quilt design to fit your quilt.

Quilting Options (per square inch)
Loose Edge-to-Edge Meander $0.020
Medium Density Edge-to-Edge Meander$0.035
Edge-to-Edge Pantograph $0.025 to $0.045
Custom Design: Planned design including separate designs for blocks, ditiching, sashing, and special fill effects. Prices vary upon the complexity of the work to be done. Starting at $.05 per square inch.

Additional Services
Squaring up the back $10.00
Pressing $10.00
Piecing Back (per seam)$10.00
Basting for hand quilters (per square inch) Basting will be done 2 to 3 inches apart.$0.040

Binding: based on straight edge binding and per linear inch.

Full binding: make, attach, hand whip down $0.35
Make, attach binding $0.19
Attach binding only $0.11

$15.00 setup fee

10% discount on batting if purchased from us other wise there is a $4.00 handling charge.

Backing and batting should be 4 inches larger on all four sides of your quilt.

For best results: Quilt top must be flat, square and well-pressed. Loose thread should be clipped.

To avoid delays, when sending your quilt project to us, complete all the prep work ahead of time. If we have to stop to piece, trim or square, it can cause delays and additional charges.